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Why do Banks, Online and Subprime Lenders, Credit Unions and Dealerships love Smart Repo Systems™?

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Bailiffs and Auction Houses have worked with the Smart Repo Systems™ platform, so you will be up and running in no time without having to train subcontractors.

Electronic Condition Reports

Smart Repo Systems™ has every type of condition report!






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Highway Tractors

Light Industrial Equipment

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#1 Repo Software

Tired of paying asset management providers excessive commissions on the assets they are repossessing for you? With Smart Repo Systems™ Software and Hosting Programs you can now automate your entire repo department. 1 employee can manage up to 100 files per month saving you up to 90% of your repossession costs. With Smart Repo Systems™ you are in complete control with your own Hosted Secure Domain! Now you can track all recovery steps and expenses, create and send invoices, communicate in real time with Bailiffs, Auction Houses and Suppliers with any device at any time and generate any type of report instantly while eliminating all paperwork and storing all information and data of each assignment in one location for easy retrieval.

Worry Free Cloud Computing

With Smart Repo Systems™ Hosted Monitored Solutions your private branded domain will be operating 24/7/365 days a year without any IT staff. Our team of dedicated IT professionals will monitor your domain to ensure that you are always operational without any delays or downtime. Our high-performance servers provide the speed you want to affect all tasks in record time! Our servers are scalable so whether your organization is repossessing 10 or 1,000 assets a month we have you covered.

Your URL is accessible from all devices from any location and at any time. Comments, photos, or files can be uploaded to your site by managers or company staff from any location or by bailiffs and auction houses working in the field so you are always immediately informed of the repossession status or progression made on any file.

Your domain is secured with the latest security software technologies and certificates to protect you from unwanted hacking or intrusions and our backup systems are located at separate sites in different cities to ensure that you have access to your data. Our redundant backup systems update your information daily to ensure resource availability at all times.

Access SmartRepo on your phone, tablet or desktop!

Nation-Wide Bailiff Alert

With over 16 years of working and developing relationships with bailiffs from coast to coast Smart Repo Systems™ provides a listing of experienced bailiffs that have proven track records with high success rates. Our New Bailiff Alert System© allows our clients to broadcast an alert nationwide for any asset they are searching for. We also provide a listing of excellent bailiffs so our clients can post requests for quotes on projects no matter how many repos are involved.

Our System Features

World Class Data Centers

Smart Repo Systems™ monitored data centers deliver unparalleled performance. They absorb distributed denial-of-service attacks, and ensures that your services are always available. We provide a guaranteed bandwidth, and burst service to deal with load peaks. We maintain several backup centers at multiple locations to insure your data is protected and backed up.

Retrievable Database Interface

Access to complete Asset Data Base system, allowing you to retrieve all files for vehicles sold or repossessed. Retrievable files can be active or archived your access stays the same! 

Nation-Wide Bailiff Alert

Our multi-criteria file search system enables our clients to generate any type of search they require instantly. Searches can be done by customer name, account number, vehicle type, point of sale, location, status and any other type of criteria you require. Reports are generated instantly.

Detailed Photos

Our drag and drop photo upload features makes uploading quick and easy. From any devise you are able to view your asset from every angle to determine any damage or other issues that are reported in the condition report. A picture is worth a thousand words.

Electronic Condition Reports

Our electronic condition reporting system provides auction houses and remarketers with a convenient reporting system detailing every aspect of the asset’s condition and automatically calculates damages allowing our clients to fully assess the asset’s current market value right down to the penny.

Time Stamped Agent Records

Tracks and keeps records and comments of all agents associated with a file such as auto lenders, banking institutions, auction houses, bailiffs, tow companies, body shops, lawyers and accountants and the work they are doing so you communicate in real-time without the hassle of having to track their progress manually by phone and voicemail. Time is money!

Powerful Accounting Features

Provides fully automated, up-to-date management of all expenses and invoicing with automatic tax calculations.  With a flexible system for entering transactions, managing thousands of accounts, and producing reports, receipts and invoices, our software is the ultimate tool for managing all of the financial details involved in running your repossession business.

Streamlined Communication

Condition reports, invoices, photo reports, contents inventory, scheduling, action updates, and more – accessible and shareable by all account holders whether you’re in the office or in the field. 


Scheduling is streamlined and shared by all account agents so you know who’s doing what and when.

SmartRepo™ grows your business!

Manage all your IT needs

We worry about ALL IT management and administrative duties so you don’t have to.

Saves you money

Our fully automated, web-based system comes at a fraction of what the same job might cost in the past – our technology, hosting, and management of your system means the repossession process from start to finish is easier and more cost-effective than ever!

We help you grow your business

With our advanced web-based repossession software – 100% compatible with all search engines and devices – there is no limit to how much you can grow your business.  You decide who has access to your accounts and we provide the simplest and most efficient platform for you to connect, delegate, communicate, and resolve each one – as many accounts and agents as you need, we’re here to support them.

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Smart Repo Systems™ Corporation Commitment

Smart Repo Systems™ Corporation provides the World’s Best and only Cloud Based Turn Key Repossession Software System and Services.

Smart Repo Systems™ Corporation has been managing and executing all types of repossession assignments for financial institutions since 2006. We have managed the world’s largest bank’s repossession portfolio and every type of financial institution in-between.

Since our inception we have been developing the world’s most advanced repossession software programs in order to expedite all aspects of the repossession process to reduce the time and costs as well as to make all communications between lenders and subcontractors paperless, immediate and seamless.

Our Hosted Repo Software Programs and Services enables Banks, Credit Unions, Online and Sub Prime Lenders and Dealerships to run their own repo department at a fraction of the cost that it has in the past. Without having to rely on third party repossession providers our clients are saving up to 90% by eliminating the commissions paid out to these suppliers.

We manage all of the IT requirements of your own Company Branded Cloud Based Domain on our servers so you will not have to worry about system or data availability, security, backups or upgrades, we manage it for you. With Smart Repo Systems™ you simply log in, access your files and go to work 24/7 from anywhere, with any device or search engine.

We love helping our clients save their money, we guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with our systems and programs.

— Team SmartRepo

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