We have developed an extensive network of associates that provide excellent remarketing opportunities in order to ensure that our clients receive top dollar for the assets we remarket on their behalf. Our remarketing network consists of auction houses, dealerships, wholesalers as well as an extensive network of private buyers which buy heavy and light industrial equipment.

We work extensively with both Private and Public Auction Houses. Our reasoning for remarketing at both types of Auction Houses is to offer our clients full access to all of the buyers available in Canada. Private Auction facilities cater primarily to wholesalers and Dealers, where Public Auction Houses open their doors to the general public, wholesalers and dealers alike. The broad range of potential buyers we offer our clients ensures that their assets get full exposure to all buying groups.

Due to the fact that we have set up a phenomenal re-marketing network across Canada, we are in the unique position of offering a broader range of geographical remarketing opportunities which our competitors simply cannot. We have developed excellent working relationships and partnerships that no other company in Canada can offer financial institutions and lenders, these partnerships ensures our clients receive prompt attention by professionals that are highly experienced and dedicated in providing the best remarketing services in their regions.

Rest assured that we will work diligently in order to get you top dollar for your assets.

Smart Repo Systems™ Corporation Commitment

Smart Repo Systems™ Corporation provides the World’s Best and only Cloud Based Turn Key Repossession Software System and Services.

Smart Repo Systems™ Corporation has been managing and executing all types of repossession assignments for financial institutions since 2006. We have managed the world’s largest bank’s repossession portfolio and every type of financial institution in-between.

Since our inception we have been developing the world’s most advanced repossession software programs in order to expedite all aspects of the repossession process to reduce the time and costs as well as to make all communications between lenders and subcontractors paperless, immediate and seamless.

Our Hosted Repo Software Programs and Services enables Banks, Credit Unions, Online and Sub Prime Lenders and Dealerships to run their own repo department at a fraction of the cost that it has in the past. Without having to rely on third party repossession providers our clients are saving up to 90% by eliminating the commissions paid out to these suppliers.

We manage all of the IT requirements of your own Company Branded Cloud Based Domain on our servers so you will not have to worry about system or data availability, security, backups or upgrades, we manage it for you. With Smart Repo Systems™ you simply log in, access your files and go to work 24/7 from anywhere, with any device or search engine.

We love helping our clients save their money, we guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with our systems and programs.

— Team SmartRepo

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